Car Key Signal Blocker Case.


  • 【SIGNAL BLOCKING】 Instant Protection against key-less car theft and data loss. Protect Credit Cards and other electronic items by blocking the signals. It Also blocks calls, SMS, Wi-Fi, 4G, Bluetooth, RFID, NFC no notification, no distraction during driving.
  • 【TWO KEY FOBS – TWO POUCHES】 Many people will overlook their spare key fob and leave it unprotected. We provide two pouches to ensure that you can protect any spare key fob or multiple vehicles in your household.
  • 【DESIGN】 Car key fob pouch back to one layer design with the durable, which guarantee the case working greatly even after longer period of use Contain metal lined sleeve for signal blocking. Further pocket included for general storage.
  • 【FRIENDLY SIZE】 Its design to fit all type of car key FOB. It can also use for the mobile phones under 5″.
  • 【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE 】 It does not need the guarantee and we are confident on it but for customer satisfaction we offer 1 year money back guarantee for returned product. You will never find this offer anywhere.


Skamz Car Mobile Card key Signal Blocking Pouch Guard your vehicle against technology-smart car thieves with this superb value pack of two large signal-blocking key fob pouches from us. These safety-focused mini-bags feature an outer PU leather casing, containing a metal-lined soft sleeve. This creates a Faraday box, stopping signals being sent or received by your key fob or any other device containing data. Remove your key from the wallet and signal reception is restored immediately, enabling normal usage. These covers also include a further, non-lined compartment; handy for storing your house keys or loose change for the parking machine! Anti-Theft Protection : Modern keyless fobs carry identification chips that pick up radio signals sent out by their car. The vehicle recognises the fob when it’s in range and unlocks the doors. Keyless ignition systems work in the same way – enabling cars to start when the key fob is detected in the cabin. Criminals can exploit this via a wireless relay attack. Using a radio frequency relay booster, it’s possible to pick up and then transmit a keyfob signal to trick the car into thinking a fob is present. This enables entry and theft from the cabin or boot – and, in the case of keyless ignition systems, theft of the vehicle itself. Thanks to its 100% signal jamming capability, this protective holder completely isolates your fob to make such attacks impossible – giving you complete peace of mind as a protector against data loss. Data Protection and Privacy, Cloning and Fraud Prevention: As well as keyfobs, these versatile anti-degaussing cases can be used to shield all manner of smaller items that contain or transmit data and code, from ID tags through to contactless cards. It makes these pouches one of the best ways to add a big layer of defence against ID theft, hacking and fraud.